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India is a land of cultural diversity, home to ancient rituals, rich heritage, spectacular landscapes & wide range of culinary creativity. India will make you curious and awaken your senses and soul. Whichever direction you travel in India, with its warmth and hospitality, it brings many surprises and delights to you.

What to expect?

From the glories of ancient empires and kingdoms, the Indian culture has been highly influenced by rich history that is several thousand years old. Often labeled as an amalgamation of various cultures, India offers a stunning opportunity to connect with people worshiping Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and other religions. It surly surprises you with its composite mixture of varying styles and influences through all these cultures.

New Delhi

Understanding food in India can be daunting and might require dozens of trips, still you will surely not be able to try all the dishes and flavours. Each region in India has its very much own style of cooking and distinct recipes and flavours. While, North India is famous for its Tandoori chicken and naan ( bread ), Southern part is known for its hot and spicy sea food. Travelling in India and savouring the various local flavours provides you insight of cultures of this amazing country.


Among India's ancient masterpieces remains, the most characteristic architectures are the stone carved temples, cenotaphs, painted havelis of Rajasthan, stupas, forests and palaces and many other religious structures. India is considered as a land of architectural marvels for its cave architecture of Ajanta and Ellora of third century BC to most famous Indo-Islamic architecture of Taj Mahal.


India has a vast terrain starting from the snow clad Himalayan range to the sun-kissed beaches of the western and southern coast. Red sand deserts of Rajasthan, dense forests and wildlife of Central India, sprawling coastline of Southern India and Goa, tea plantation of Nilgiri forests and backwaters of Kerala make India to stand out when it comes to the most beautiful landscape in Asia.



Bhutan is known as the last great Himalayan kingdom and is encompassed in mystery and magic. This is a country of epitome of traditional Buddhist culture entwined with global developments. Bhutan has amazed the entire world with its drive to achieve Gross National Happiness for its citizens and is well-known for its beautiful landscapes.

What to expect?

The culture of Bhutan is strongly influenced by its Tibetan form of Buddhism. According to Buddhism, our lives need to have culture, tradition and beliefs imbibed in our values. The traditions and uniqueness of Bhutan are what one should look for to explore. Bhutan is one of the very few countries that have the most unspoiled natural beauty. The two important languages of Bhutan are Sharchop and Dzongkha, which are closely related to the Tibetan language.


Bhutanese cuisine is a subtle mix of Chinese, Tibetan and Indian culture. The speciality of Bhutanese cuisine is their love for spice! Bhutanese people do not consider chilli as just a seasoning, but for them it is a really important vegetable. This is the reason why the traditional Bhutanese food is laced up with dried or fresh red and green chilies.


Bhutanese architecture is a great example of defining a country’s real character. Its architecture is largely influenced by Tibet, China and also Persia. The architects of Bhutan took inspiration from old ideas of their own country and developed unforgettable monuments.


Being in the Himalayas, Bhutan’s landscape is diverse in nature varying from steep mountains and deep valleys in the North to southern sub-tropical forests and jungles. Majority of Bhutan is covered with deep dense forest. Bhutan might be a small country in size, but its diverse landscape and scenery is unmatched. The most unbelievable fact about Bhutan’s landscape is that only six percent of the land is used for human habitation.



Nepal is always known as a trekkers' paradise because of snow-clad Himalayan views, beautiful temples, gorgeous hill villages and wildlife. In today’s world, Nepal has become one of the best travel destinations to explore.

What to expect?

Nepal beautifully follows two main religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. These two religions have strongly survived the harsh past Nepal has faced and several Hindu temples and Buddhist shrines are live examples to this fact. They have coexisted on the same grounds all these years. There is a lot of similarity between Hindu and Buddhist deities and is clearly visible in the shrines and temples.


The local cuisine of Nepal is influenced by Indian and Tibetan styles of cooking and a large part of the Nepalese cuisine is vegetarian. As you move towards north of Nepal, you will find Tibetan influence and on the other hand, if you find yourself in the southern side, you will experience the Indian touch. Nepalese cuisine gives you a whole new experience in terms of a different culture.


The architecture of Nepal reveals the beauty and importance of both the religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. The temples, monasteries, old squares, monuments and all other buildings depict the story of both the religions. Relevant evidences of Nepalese traditional arts and architecture could be found in monasteries, valley squares, pilgrimage places in Kathmandu, Lumbini and Janakpur. Nepalese architecture is mostly influenced by three patterns: Shikhar, Stupa and Pagoda.

Boudhanath Stupa

Nepal boasts of being home to the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest and also the mighty Himalayas. Nepal also has other high peaks such as Manasu and Lhotse. There are several small valleys in the country, one of which is the known as the heart of the country, Kathmandu. Nepal has varied climates because of the varied altitudes of land ranging high peaks to small valleys. Animals found in the jungle of Nepal are snow leopards, rhinos, wild buffalos and many more to please the eye.


Sri Lanka

So, what comes to your mind when you think of Sri Lanka? The list is endless! From sun-kissed beaches, warm people, beautiful ruins to aromatic tea and scrumptious food, Sri Lanka has everything to offer you.

What to expect?

Sri Lanka is a country that is rich in cultural diversity and uniqueness. The culture of Sri Lanka is a mix of customs and rituals that date back to 2000 years ago and the cultural festivals it hosts, are its main tourist attractions. Because of large influences on political, cultural, and social life, Buddhism and Hinduism are the main religions of Sri Lanka. Both the religions play pivotal roles in defining the traditions of this country.


Sri Lankan cuisine is a mix of hot or very mild food items. Sri Lankan food is influenced by the Sinhala cuisine, which comes from the Chena cultivation. Sri Lankan cuisine depicts the life of an island man and the festivals and the day-to-day practices he follows such as the auspicious Hindu New Year.


Sri Lanka’s architecture and legacy goes back to the 3rd century B.C. Ancient kingdoms ruins provide evidence of a civilization that had everything from knowledge of science and technology to town planning and design to valuing the beauty of arts.


Sri Lanka is an island shaped in the form of pear and is surrounded from all sides by the Indian Ocean. It is the home to vast shorelines and jungles and comes in the list of one of the greenest countries in the world. The landscape of Sri Lanka has been beautifully decorated by various temples and monasteries in the most breathtaking locations ever.


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